The arrangement of cut flowers has a long history. In Japan "ikebana", the art of flower arrangement, has its origins as far as back as the sixth century. Hundreds of years on, in the seventheenth century, tulip mania, swept trough the Nederlands. In the early twentieth century depictions of nature and flora changed as radical avant-garde-moments- from Cubism to Dada to Surrealisme to Abstract Expressionisme - called for a new approach to making art. Andy Warhol followed by Robert Mapplethorpe, brought the depiction of flowers into a new realm. 

Inspired by the history of flower paintings, trying to show my own way of seeing flowers. On its peak of beauty - the moment before death becomes inevitable and the bruise overtakes the perfect velvet petal. Using a flower instead of a person. Beeing curious and showing it in extreme close-up. Capturing a fleeting moment - and painting the delicate structures of nature.